BAGG*FISH's new album is finally out!!


“El Tren is improvised, you can already hear that from the first notes.

Wonderfully hectic, the trio provides us with an overwhelming sound experience… a powerful drumming by Baggiani along with exciting displays of Fischer, while Cajado is equally impressive here… pure noise at a breakneck pace.

Truly fascinating, a special album.”  

Nieuwe Noten - Ben Taffijn

Check it out in BandCamp or Trytone Records!!!


  BAGG*FISH feat. Vinicius Cajado! 

This unique improv-noise power duo hit the road once again with a special guest: Vinicius Cajado on double bass.


They were invited to play 2021's edition of ArtActs Festival in St Johann (A), Fluc in Vienna and Zajkert|Noice Garden Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts in Debrecen (H).

They also entered the studio amidst the tour, the material will be soon available on Trytone records!!

Reviews on bAgg*fisH release!!
"...The two were determined to redefine the sonic options of such a duo... Their music is wrapped in an experimental, risk-taking envelope, mischievous, driving rhythms, and poetic resonance. ...Spiritual, inventive, and flowing with nervous doubt that bAgg*fisH created their own, highly idiosyncratic sound universe. Fischer has a charismatic commanding tone on the sax and the driving, poly-rhythmic pulse of Baggiani keeps pushing him to the edge."
Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz

"Fischer’s feedback sax sounds more like feedback electric guitar than anything you’d hear from John Butcher ... fretboard runs blend with vocalisations ... excellent breath control already, Fischer plays in hoarsely vocalised breath-bursts, much like Peter Br√∂tzmann does in combustible duos with drummers Paal Nilssen-Love or Steve Noble. And Baggiani shows he’s in the same class. In fact, on this evidence he’s the more elastic of the three drummers, constantly sounding small crisp contact sounds off of tautly measured free-beats. ... I love it now." 
Tim Owen, Dalston Sound

"What additionally drops from the already very unusual setting is this latent manic note ... many, many languages of sound ... stylistically between the poles of improvised music, electronic noise, new music, free jazz, punk, post-rock and sound art ... crackling incessantly on and spreading a tense atmosphere, a mood, as if at any moment the great, but always ordered chaos might break out.
Both highly respected and innovative minds of the international improvisation and electro-acoustic scene stand out as the perfect duo for overcoming all sorts of musical and stylistic concepts and definitions. 
Michael Ternai, musicaustria