DALSTON SOUND - UK, july 2015

"...freewheeling scrapbook of abrasive multi-instrumental duos..."
"...Fischer’s feedback sax sounds more like feedback electric guitar than anything you’d hear from John Butcher, the only other saxophonist I’ve heard exploring the technique. Fischer’s fretboard runs blend with vocalisations in a way that, when combined with Baggiani’s freewheeling percussion on lead tack “The Fire”, produces an effect not unlike that of noise rock bass/drums duo Lightning Bolt.
... Having demonstrated excellent breath control already, Fischer plays in hoarsely vocalised breath-bursts, much like Peter Brötzmann does in combustible duos with drummers Paal Nilssen-Love or Steve Noble. And Baggiani shows he’s in the same class. In fact, on this evidence he’s the more elastic of the three drummers, constantly sounding small crisp contact sounds off of tautly measured free-beats..."
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by Eyal Hareuveni

The duo bAgg*fisH—Austrian saxophonist and violinist Michael Fischer, and Amsterdam-based Argentinian drummer Marcos Baggiani began working together in 2003. The two were determined to redefine the sonic options of such a duo, blurring the conventional distinctions between muscular free jazz, post-rock, psychedelic dramas and noisy outbursts. The duo's music is wrapped in an experimental, risk-taking envelope, mischievous, driving rhythms, and poetic resonance.

Both Fischer and Baggiani are experienced improvisers—Fischer conducts the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra and Baggiani recorded with saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock and is a member of the cross-genres quartet The Ambush Party. The album was recorded in 2010 and is divided into three chapters—a duo of feedback saxophone and drums (that was released as a free download album in 2012 by Audition Records), a duo of violin and small instruments, and a duo of tenor sax and drums.

The sound spectrum of the feedback sax covers almost anything between spacey analog synth to a distorted electric guitar. It is unstable, surprising, and rejecting any attempt to contain it in any linear rhythmic framework. Yet Baggiani succeeds to submit these five urgent, psychedelic sonic trips into frenetic shifting pulses.

The following five duets with Fischer on the violin, and Baggiani features a different side of this duo—exploring new sounds, subtle dynamics, and timbres. The interplay is reserved and gentle, patiently shaping an exotic sound universe and distinct atmosphere.

The last four duets of tenor sax and drums are rooted in the fiery free jazz legacy, from both sides of the Atlantic. Spiritual, inventive, and flowing with nervous energy but not anchored in the blues. Fischer has a charismatic commanding tone on the sax and the driving, poly- rhythmic pulse of Baggiani keeps pushing him to the edge.

There is no doubt that bAgg*fisH created their own, highly idiosyncratic sound universe. One that is playful, uncompromising, and guarantees to keeps the listeners ears wide open.



G L O B E U N I T Y: A R G E N T I N A
by Tom Greenland

bAgg*fisH derives its moniker from the dynamic musical duo of drummer Marcos Baggiani (from Buenos Aires, now based in Amsterdam) and Austrian multi-instrumentalist Michael Fischer.
Divided into three distinct sections grouped by which instrument Fischer uses, the pair’s eponymous debut begins with five tracks featuring feedback_saxophone, a traditional tenor instrument amplified so as to produce an incessant overdriven sound, augmented by Fischer’s vocalizations. 
The thick, virtually uninterrupted intensity of this music contrasts with the next five tracks, where he switches to violin, creating soundscapes of electronica and minimalism enhanced by subtle percussion. But the most powerful tracks are the final four, where naked tenor saxophone ranges from stealth to bombast and everything in between, shadowed at every turn, in every corner, by Baggiani’s subliminal interplay.



BAGG*FISH mit neuem Album am Start
by Michael Ternai

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MICA 17.09.2012

BAGG*FISH: Seven Feedback_Sax-drums duos
by Michael Ternai

“A fascinating and atmospherically extremely dense sonic journey deep into the world of the art of improvisation. 
Austrian musician-composer Michael Fischer and Argentinean drummer Marcos Baggiani create their own sound world by entering into a virtuosic musical dialogue in which anything can happen and does.
When two artists of this caliber, team up with such an open and experimental music appreciation once, then you can certainly expect anything but the ordinary. Both highly respected and innovative minds of the international improvisation and electro-acoustic scene stand out as the perfect duo for overcoming all sorts of musical and stylistic terms and definitions.”

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JAZZENZO - 27/05/09
Tim Sprangers

"The performance found a climax in the physical participation of Fischer, who as a saint stretched his arms to heaven, supported by a thundering drumming of Baggiani."

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