Michael Fischer (A): tenor saxophone, feedback_saxophone, violin
Marcos Baggiani (NL): drums, small instruments

Free improvised music, flowing between electro-noise, contemporary music, free jazz, post-avant and soundscapes.
This is an energetic noise impro duo, psychedelic and poetic at the same time, a super-concentrated research worker on the instable feedback texture and a frenetic and sensitive drummer coping with it.

"They create their very own and genuine wonderful 'sound world', highly idiosyncratic and oblique, where everything can happen, and it does." 
(mica, M. Ternai)


Baggiani / Fischer met after a performance Michael Fischer did at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam in 2003, and they ended up performing together that very evening at OT301, one of the hot spots of Amsterdam's experimental music scene.

Yet shortly after this first meeting, it became clear to them they would collaborate extensively, staging experimental performances -such as the Bimhuis' lab for music & dance impro 'The Meeting Point' (nowadays 'Monday match')-

Along with the duo They have played with musicians and performers such as Daisuke Terauchi, Hilary Jeffery, Felicity Provan, Wilbert de Joode, Tamaho Miyake, Joe Sorbara, Ken Aldcroft, Rob Piilonen, Kyle Brenders, Ivo Bol, Alan 'Gunga' Purves, Burton Greene, Erik Boeren, Gregory Kazaroff, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Angel Faraldo, the Genetic Choir Amsterdam and have also performed with dancers Eileen Standley, Valeria Primost, Makiko Ito, Marisa Grande or Diana Gadish a.o.

They have played at festivals and venues like Bimhuis -Amsterdam, Sonic Circuits Fest. -Washington, Hungry Brain -Chicago, Festival Artacts -St. Johann /A, MediaArt Fest/Kasteel Groeneveld -Barn, Moozak Fest. -Vienna, Array Music Space -Toronto, DNK,  Trytone Fest, Het Bethanienklooster, Zaal 100, OT301 -Amsterdam, Theater Kikker -Utrecht, ACF -NYC, Blue Tomato -Vienna, Highwire Gallery -Philadelphia, Redroom -Baltimore, Toledo Bellows -Ohio, Studio Loos -Den Haag, Mozg Fest. -Warsaw

"bAgg*fisH" has been released by Trytone Records - FreeToneSeries in 2013

"Seven Feedback_Sax-drums duos" is a "row mix" free-downloadable released (2011) at

bAgg*fisH has been artist in residence at STEIM Amsterdam in 2013

"This duo is a state where inner and outer reality are merging by poetic resonance; taking care of the mutual musical being created within the flow of the common creational moment." M. Fischer
“Playing bAgg*fisH music is like surfing: you dig into the moment, the wave has it’s own life, the music is flowing and you want to balance on your feet and surf it.” M. Baggiani